While you’re on the hunt for your next vehicle, keep in mind that you don’t always have to buy new to get the best deal. In fact, many shoppers may find that buying a used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Young Chevrolet Cadillac may be the best choice for their needs and lifestyle. So what is it that makes buying a used car so attractive? Read below to find out!

Value Over Time

It’s hard to resist the pristine paintwork, the new car smell, and the absolute confidence that comes with buying a brand new car, truck, or SUV. Without a doubt, there are highlights to buying new, but unfortunately value isn’t necessarily one of them. New cars will see a significant depreciation in the first few years of ownership, and without a substantial down payment you’re likely to find yourself owing more than the vehicle is worth if you take out a traditional loan. However, a used vehicle has already undergone this depreciation, so the value of the vehicle when you buy will generally remain more consistent three to four years down the road.

Lower Costs

Yes, obviously a used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle will cost less than something you buy new, but those aren’t the types of savings we’re talking about. You’ll also save money on your insurance premiums and you’ll pay less in taxes when you take home a used vehicle, and those savings will add up to make a big difference in the long run.

Enjoy the Certified Advantage

If you like the perks of a used vehicle but still want the factory warranty that comes with something new, a Certified Pre-Owned model might be your ideal fit. Not only will you enjoy the best of both worlds, but you’ll be taking home a vehicle that has been meticulously inspected for quality and reliability before going on sale.

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